Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Indonesian Koplo Dangdut Music

 Most of the dangdut music can only be enjoyed by a few groups. But if you look at the reality now you might be surprised to see dangdut music enjoyed by various groups.

The current popular dangdut songs are the typical Pantura koplo type. This typical Pantura dangdut mostly uses a mixture of Indonesian and Javanese. Even though some people don't understand the lyrics due to language differences, the good music makes everyone sway too.

Currently, Dangdut Koplo has become an icon of Indonesian music, which has become a trending music in the country. Thanks to dangdut koplo music, a lot of popular artists and singers have sprung up.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Desy Tata Tubuh Molek...Dangdut Koplo

Simon Cowell breaks back testing e-bike

Cowell was expected to have surgery Saturday evening, according to a spokesperson for the entertainment mogul.
Cowell fell off the bike while in the courtyard with his family at his house in Malibu. He was taken to a hospital and was said to be under observation and doing fine.
Cowell created “America's Got Talent” and serves as a judge on the show. He has also been the judge on “Britain’s Got Talent,” “The X Factor” and “American Idol.”

Saturday, August 8, 2020

American version of ‘Eurovision’ contest coming to US in 2021

Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams may not be competing, but an American version of the wildly-popular “Eurovision” singing competition is coming to the United States in 2021.
One of the world’s most-watched singing contest — and subject of the new Netflix comedy, “Eurovision” — has announced that “The American Song Contest” will take place during 2021’s holiday season reports CNN.
And although Eurovision itself was canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, officials said they will also bring back the competition next year.
“The Eurovision Song Contest’s unique legacy dates back 65 years and its worldwide popularity is still rising,” said Executive Supervisor, Martin Österdahl.
“It’s time for America to experience this spectacle, through its sister competition, the American Song Contest,” Österdahl said.
“Love of music is universal and celebration of music in different genres and styles can transcend boundaries and unite people,” he said.
“We are excited to have found the right partners to offer another series that our fans across the globe can fall in love with and to share this unique competition with the American people.”
In the American contest, state winners will compete in a series of qualifier competitions, “leading to Semi-Finals and the ultimate primetime Grand Finale,” the Eurovision website said.
Competing acts will range from solo artists to bands with no more than six members, officials said. Judges will be US-based artists from a range of musical genres.

Friday, June 26, 2020

GoYang hOt molek Desy taTa - lagu Haning

 is a dangdut singer and performance artist from Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia. She became nationally famous in 2003, and is known for her suggestive style of dancing that caused major controversy in Indonesia. Inul is a corrupted version of Ainur, and the singer's childhood pet name. As she began her musical career singing in a 'rock' band, she adopted the stage name Daratista.
Inul Daratista rose to national prominence after a televised January 2003 concert in Jakarta. Her dance moves, which she calls Goyang Inul, Goyang-hOt dangdut Koplo, or ngebor (lit. 'drilling'), quickly became the source of controversy due to her gyrating hip motions. Some conservative Muslim organizations such as the Indonesian Muslim Council (MUI) called for a ban on her concerts.[1] She was cited as a reason to pass a national anti-pornography bill that was drafted during the height of the controversy in mid-2003 and became a law in October 2008.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


Blackpink is the highest-charting female K-pop act on both Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200, peaking at number 41 with "Kill This Love", and peaking at number 24 with Kill This Love, respectively. They are also the first and only K-pop girl group to enter and top Billboard's Emerging Artists chart, and the first female K-pop group to have four number-one singles on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart. At the time of its release, "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" was the most-viewed Korean music. 

Zumba dance $ Fitness dance

Zumba is an exercise fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Pérez during the 1990s.[1] Zumba is a trademark owned by Zumba Fitness, LLC. The Brazilian pop singer Claudia Leitte has become the international ambassador to Zumba Fitness

BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

Blackpink (Hangul: 블랙핑크; commonly stylized as BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK) is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8, 2016, with their single album Square One, which spawned "Whistle", their first number-one song in South Korea, as well as "Boombayah", their first number-one hit on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. With the group's early commercial success, they were hailed as the New Artist of the Year at the 31st Golden Disc Awards and the 26th Seoul Music Awards.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sexy girl camera Vietnam AutoExpo

"Cars and Girls" is a single by English pop band Prefab Sprout, released by Kitchenware Records in February 1988.[1] It was the first single taken from their album of that year, From Langley Park to Memphis. The single reached No. 44 in the UK Singles Chart, and spent five weeks on the chart.

Butt Dance Tips for beginners

Blues dancing is a family of historical dances that developed alongside and were danced to blues music, or the contemporary dances that are danced in that aesthetic. Amateur Dancer carried an article entitled "Blues and Rhythm and Blues Dancing" in a July/August 1991 issue.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Bubble Bath Adult Expo Taiwan FULL HD

A bubble bath is a filled bathtub with a layer of surfactant foam on the surface of the water and consequently also the surfactant product used to produce the foam. Less commonly, aerated or carbonated baths are called bubble baths.
Bubbles on top of the water, less ambiguously known as a foam bath (see photo), can be obtained by adding a product containing foaming surfactants to water and temporarily aerating it by agitation (often merely by the fall of water filling the tub). The practice is popular for personal bathing because of the belief that it cleanses the skin, that the foam insulates the bath water,[citation needed] keeping it warm for longer, and (as a lime soap dispersant) prevents or reduces deposits on the bath tub at and below the water level[citation needed] (called "bathtub ring" and soap scum, respectively) produced by soap and hard water. It can hide the body of the bather, preserving modesty or, in theatre and film, giving the appearance that a performer who is actually clothed is bathing normally.[1] Children find foam baths particularly amusing[citation needed], so they are an enticement to get them into the bathtub.

Goyang Sexy Hot Musik Dansa Menyenangkan

Hot Sexy Female Fitness Motivation

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